Rhythm of the Day

The rhythm of the day is profoundly nurturing and reassuring to the young child. At Children's Circle our daily rhythm ebbs and flows allowing the children time to play and rest and time to come together for meals, circle time and story time thus providing for their important needs. Teachers sing through these transitions, helping the children to move through the daily rhythm with ease.

As the children arrive each day they are warmly welcomed by our teachers and as they enter inside, they pop on their slippers and settle into activity. They may also help with the preparation of our morning tea.

The Children's Circle home environment is immediately warm and familiar to the young child and is comfortable for our small mixed age group. Toys in our centre are handmade with natural materials and nurture the child's senses and provide opportunities for creative and imaginative play. As the children become involved in play some will tend the dollies, while others will build a house or boat and another will create a farm or story. As the children busy themselves in their environment the teachers are working alongside them attending to the daily tasks and taking care of the youngest members of our centre.

Circle time is a time we come together to sing songs of the season and the children enjoy imitative finger games and movement activities before setting off to wash their hands before morning tea.

Morning tea is served at the beautifully set table and after saying a blessing or karakia we share the food prepared lovingly that morning.

Then it's off outside to enjoy the wonders of nature. The children dress for the season as it's important for children to experience nature and the elements as much as possible. Some of the children will work in the sandpit, others will help in the garden and others yet will enjoy all sorts of child-initiated adventures.

Then it's time to come in for lunch, again we bless the food often produced in our very own garden and prepared daily in our centre kitchen.

Children then enjoy a short story. Stories are told from memory by the teacher and will be related to the current season or event and will often be in the form of a puppet play using the simple play materials in our centre.

The story begins the quiet time of the day where those children who need to sleep will be settled into their beds and those who don't will rest or settle into quiet activities.

As the afternoon progresses children will be able to play either inside or out depending on the weather and their needs. Afternoon tea is served and afterwards children begin to prepare for their coming home time, helping with tidying away the toys and packing up the outside equipment. Parent's are greeted warmly when they arrive to collect their child and information is shared about their child's day.