Children's Circle Philosophy Statement

Children's Circle is a unique, homelike environment that supports the young child to grow and develop in a natural, unhurried and holistic way. Our teachers work to preserve the precious nature of childhood and use practices that nurture the child's senses as well as their physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing.

We believe:

  • All children need warm, loving and respectful relationships in order to thrive.
  • Parents/whānau are the child's primary caregivers. We partnership with the family to provide the best care and education we can for their child/ren while they are in our care.
  • Children's play is their work and is vital for healthy development.
  • Young children learn through imitation, open to imitating every word and gesture and therefore our teachers seek to be worthy role models.
  • Regular rhythms and routines support the young child's well-being, their sense of belonging and security being essential for learning.
  • Imagination and creativity are nurtured through the child's opportunities to play and are nourished by stories, songs, games, activities and celebrations of birthdays, seasons and festivals.
  • We must not hurry the child in their development but rather allow them to progress at their own time so they can reach their potential.
  • Healthy food supports children's growth and development.
  • That when we take care of our environment and natural resources we preserve it and ensure it is around for future generations.

Ko te tamaiti te pūtake ote kaupapa
The child - the heart of the matter